Team Leader:
Luk Pui Ling

Team Members:
Cheung Chun Wai
Mak Chi Hong

We would like to propose a system we call ‘Hexable’ for the Viewing Platform on a headland overlooking Po Pin Chau and the associated hiking facilities. The idea behind the system is that we want the design of be sustainable, easy to be built, flexible and most importantly, bringing out the essence of the Sai Kung Geopark – the hexagonal volcanic columns.

We were inspired by the broken hexagonal volcanic columns we saw on the day of site visit. We thought instead of bringing something foreign to the site, we could upcycle these broken pieces and incorporate them into our design. 

The system is designed with a 600(W) x 600(L) x 200mmIH) module in a hexagonal shape. The size and the shape of it make it easy for organising the module into different furniture required along the trail. For example, laying a few modules flat together can form a little viewing platform; stacking 2 of them together can form a chair for seating, and with creative grouping and stacking of these modules, a little gathering place for hikers can be formed. 


The composition and size is carefully considered to be easily transportable and buildable on a hiking trail. The basic unit is composed of a steel mesh tray with legs of adjustable height, with a timber frame which holds the broken hexagonal volcanic column pieces. Because of its small size and the simple components, each module can be composed easily and the base mesh tray and timber frame can be composed off-site and carried up to the trail, while the broken hexagonal volcanic column pieces can be inserted on site. 

Recyclable materials, including the local stones, timber, and steel are carefully chosen for each module. To allow water penetration to go directly into the ground, we have also designed each module to be porous and have reduced the use of concrete or cementitious materials.

The system is designed with module, and with the large amount of broken pieces of the hexagonal volcanic columns, each module of the system can be easily replaced when there is any damage.

Most importantly, the module is designed in a hexagonal shape and with the local broken hexagonal volcanic column pieces to giver hikers a memorable hike experience in the Sai Kung Geopark.

Jury’s Citation

It is the best among the entries with a “hexagonal paving” approach, with a clear execution of the hexagonal geometry in a very practical approach.  With the proposed modular design, it adapts well to the rugged topography and allows visitors to travel the steps down to the headland to explore the spectacular views towards Po Pin Chau. Furthermore, the modules allow the existing rocks to be shown through the “pavings” and integrated into the design, and this approach may be adopted in other sites of similar natural settings. 

Though Po Pin Chau may serve as the visual destination, there is no prominent platform at the headland for gathering people and to give a sense of arrival.  There may also be safety concern for the various change of levels of the clusters of platforms, and durability of materials may be questionable.