View Your Way

Lo Yee Cheung Adrian

Simple but conscious design to rethink the harmonious relationship between human and nature through the art of architecture, which is inspired by the different gestures of the hexagonal rock columns found nearby. The viewing platform encourages various modes of nature admiration via loop strolling, stationed plateau viewing and seated leisure approach; hikers can enjoy the scenic view of Po Pin Chau and South China Sea the way that suits them. The split level design ensures multi-level unobstructed viewing.

Noting the current entrance stair is very close to a curved road, the entrance feature is designed not just to give an organic visual landmark to celebrate the start point of the trail, but also redirect the stair for a safer and more protected pedestrian entrance.

The touch at photo taking points and intermission resting points are deliberately done minimally to highlight the scenic landscape, while providing enhanced viewing experience, comfort and safety, e.g. viewing steps, gabion resting bench and railing that prevent fall at steep slopes.

The red rail guides the hikers through the whole trail and morphs into different country park features like information signs and seat backings to generate a holistic trail experience. The metallic top rail made from recycled aluminum cans will slightly reflect moonlight, which provide guidance for night hikers too.

The viewing platform, entrance feature and landscape focal points are designed with natural rocks gabion structures, which the materials are sourced locally and blends well with the country park setting. Furthermore, rock filled wire mesh cases allow modular and organic formal construction in a very cost effective manner. The footing for landscape features and leveling elements of footpaths are also made from gabion structures carrying the tallied architectural concept from formal expression to details. The robustness of the gabion structures make them stand well under extreme weathers and are porous substrates that will not diminish the natural drainage capacity.