Trailing Ahead

Team Leader:
Liu Kwok On

Team Members:
Chan Leah Tiffany
Leung Wing Shan


Our goal is to upgrade and provide a well-defined trail with enhanced safety and accessibility, for visitors to appreciate Po Pin Chau’s breath-taking hexagonal rocks while keeping the journey fun and exciting.

Design adopting the Leave No Trace principles, with minimum impact to the existing vegetation and environment, repair and re-introduce native plants, and endeavour to use locally available materials.  There are 8 highlight spots along the journey by connecting to natural elements – Wind, Water, Rocks & Cliff.

1 Main Entrance

The steps at the starting point are very close to the vehicular road which causes safety concerns with the increasing number of visitors.  By defining the entry point space with stacked broken stone wall, an entry gateway is created and doubles as a resting point and trail information booth.

2 The Wings

Being the first stop of the trail, a seating is set up for visitors resting and photo taking points.  The shape of the seating like a pair of bird’s wings flying to the dam, it also like a pair of hands embracing the hexagonal rock columns in distance.

3 Breeze valley

During the site visit, we are obsessed by the strong breeze through the valley.  Wind driven kinetic installations are incorporated into the seating, they are activated when people sit or step on the mechanism to prevent noise pollution. Visitors can rest and have fun to orchestrate with the wind.

4 Flying Bridge

A subtle metal grating bridge is proposed over the stream for safe crossing with a poetic experience when watching water flowing below the feet.  The bridge also minimizes pollution to water and allows vegetation and insects to safely pass through.

5 Photo Frame

A spot with hexagonal frame for photo taking, it also serve as visitor signage and selfie camera stand, great place to appreciate the enormous scale of the East Dam Dolosse Wall.

6 360 Platform

A slightly raised tiered platform provides an unobstructed 360 degree view to the surrounding including Kim Chu Wan, the Heart of Hong Kong, East Dam and stunning ocean waves. The platform protects the photo taking spots from further earth erosion by heavy pedestrian traffic.

7 Apex Deck

This is the climax of the trail with a breath-taking view to Po Pin Chau and sea coast in a commanding setting. The decks at two levels and facing different directions provide a safe setting for visitors to explore the dramatic rocks and stunning sea views.  All structures sit on shallow pad footing and steel frame, minimize disruption to existing vegetation, and are easy and low cost to construct and maintain.

8 Remote Cheese Cam

To enhance fun of hiking to the viewing deck, coupled with good mobile network coverage, a solar powered camera is set up on top of the Po Pin Chau facing the Apex Deck, visitors can use their smartphone to login, remote control the camera and download the fun photos they taken.

With the resources mother nature giving us, we prepare our design respectfully.  With our little touch, we hope to make the place a better one.