Time Trail

Team Leader:
Lee Weldon

Team Members:
Chang Leung Kong
Zhuang Zi Kai

This is an educational journey full of vitality. Shuttle in time, marvelling at nature.

The journey begins with a dramatic entrance. The overlapping hexagonal wooden frame modules extend upward, with blue ropes between them, symbolizing the tremendous force caused by geological changes. The two blue colors represent the aquatic environment around the site-the rope material is recreated from recycled marine debris, which supports environmental protection. Together they create an iconic arrival experience.

The design of the viewing platform reflects the integration and respect for nature. First, the integration of terrain-the multi-layered platform conforms to the height difference, and also creates an interactive boundary and a great view in the height conversion. The second is the fusion of materials-the platform uses wooden decks and hexagonal columns of natural stone, which is not abrupt in the surrounding context. The hexagonal columns have different heights, forming steps, benches, and enclosures. The metal nameplates embedded on them also allow knowledge to be communicated-which can be connected to a richer online countryside education platform by scanning a QR code.

We firmly believe that in the countryside, there is no better shelter structure than a tree-it casts a shadow, blends perfectly with the surroundings, and more importantly, it has life, and its existence is a hymn to nature. In order to set up an amazing tree on the viewing platform, we have fully considered: from tree species selection, transportation, planting and maintenance, to extreme weather, lightning protection. In the decades-long life cycle, we hope that it can become a key element of design, expressing our respect and admiration for nature.

The wayfinding system also uses consistent design elements; the design is simple and effective, providing limited and necessary information; the posture is low but eye-catching, and it can be perfectly integrated into the nearby environment.

The online navigation and education system is also an important part of this design. We have set up interactive QR codes at three nodes. You can interact with mobile phones to see different stories on time scales-ancient, present, and future, understand the background and reasons for the formation of iconic geological formations, and promote rural education and Environmental protection.




旅程從一個戲劇化的入口開始。重疊的六角形木製框架模塊向上延伸,它們之間穿連藍色繩索,象征著地質變化造成的巨大的力。兩種藍色代表場地周邊的水生環境 – 繩索材料由回收的海洋垃圾重造,也聲援環保主張。它們共同創造了一個標誌性的到達體驗。

觀景平臺的設計體現了對自然的融合與尊重。首先是融合地形 – 多層疊臺順應高差,也在高度的轉換中創造了互動的邊界和良好的視野。其次是材料的融合 – 平臺使用木質甲板和天然石材的六角柱,在周圍的語境中毫無突兀之感。六角柱高低不一,形成臺階,座椅和圍擋,嵌在其上的金屬銘牌也讓知識得以傳達 – 可以通過掃描二維碼連接到更豐富的線上郊野教育平臺。

我們堅信,在郊野,沒有什麽比一棵樹是更好的遮蔽結構 – 它投下一片陰影,與周遭完美融合,更重要的是,它具有生命,它存在的本身就是對自然的贊歌。為了能在觀景平臺上設置一棵令人驚嘆的大樹,我們進行了充分的考慮: 從樹種的選擇,運輸,種植維護,到極端天氣,防雷。在長達幾十年的生命周期中,我們希望它能成為設計的關鍵元素,表達我們對自然的尊重和贊嘆。


線上的導覽和教育系統也是本次設計的重要部分。我們在三個節點設置了互動二維碼,可以通過手機互動,看到時間尺度上的不同故事 – 遠古,現在,和未來,了解標誌性的地質形態形成的背景和原因,並推廣郊野教育和環境保護。