The Swaying Park

Team Leader:
Ng Yan Yung

Team Members:
Chan Wing Chung
So Wing Kei
Leung Ka Ho

Design Overview

The design idea is to create an art installation that is dynamic and responsive to the natural environment of the East Dam at Sai Kung East Country Park. Inspired by the stunning hexagonal volcanic columnar rocks, the installation is formed by 100 thin hexagonal steel rods with the height of 2.5-5m spreading over the hiking trail. The tips of the tall and thin rods sway softly when the wind passes through. Each rod is attached with perforated hexagonal metal plates in which the interlocking system allows the plates to move with the wind and to create pleasant tinkling sound. The moving perforated plates also provide appropriate sun shades along the trail.

Those moving rods are connected by hexagonal plates which were designed in different levels so as to create different open spaces along the hiking trail. This dynamic art attraction enhances the hiking experiences for people to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape overlooking at Po Pin Chau.

Components & Construction

  1. Steel rod

Light weight steel is the main material for this art installation. The thin steel rods in 20mm diameter are driven 1-2m deep into the soil to secure its stability.

  1. Perforated metal sheet as sun shading device

Layers of metal sheet are attached on steel rod and the metal sheets have their own interlocking system to move in motion. 

  1. Hexagonal plates on ground

The surrounded hexagonal plates are designed in separated modules sitting on the ground which is structurally independent to the steel rods. The diamonded-shaped expanded metal is used as the contact surface of the plates which provide sufficient strength to take loading for people walking and seating on it.  

  1. T-shaped concrete pavement

Prefabricated T-shaped concrete plate is used as the paving of the walking path. The T-shaped structure reinforces the loose soil by creating enough friction which firmly hold the existing soil together.   

Public Participation

After setting up the steel rods and proper road pavement, it is time for the public to join the construction process for the public art installation.

Each hexagonal plate come into 6 triangular modules. These modules are designed to be portable that each load is around 10kg and 600mm on each side. People can engrave messages on the triangular module if they help to carry the module to the designated location.

Hopefully this art installation encourages public participation during the construction process through this opportunity.