The Lava Trace

Team Leader:
Lui Sheung Ching

Team Member:
Fu Ka Wing



This hiking trail (The Lava Trace) is themed by the volcano growth cycle.  The five stages i.e.,1) Initial, 2) Shield Building, 3) Landslide, 4) Caping and 5) Atoll Stage, are incorporated into various elements throughout the trail.  At one end of the trail is a panoramic view and the viewing platform is a structure that offers a pause, a place to sit and rest.  Since the site has the hexagonal geometric characteristic by nature, the entrance feature and the viewing platform further emphasize such essence, making this hiking trail one of a kind.

Viewing Platform

The viewing platform is perceived as a manipulation of the ground rather than landing a manmade architecture in nature.  It is a delicate, three-dimensional structure with each unit composed of corrosion resistant aluminium frame.  It forms a series of stepped terraces for seating and viewing the landscape.  The delicate quality of the structure allows light and air to pass through, the elevation of the platform look as if it disappeared and merged with the surround landscape. 

The hexagonal cylinders are capped with granite, one of the igneous (volcanic) rocks.  Granite stone provides a natural yet durable surface to walk and sit on.

Modular System

Sitting on top of the concrete raft foundation is a stack of assembled metal frames.  The module itself is a stool, which can be used in the Volcano Discovery Centre and Geopark Visitor Centre.

Entrance Feature

The design of the entrance feature echoes the form of the viewing platform.  Hexagonal stone in the form of an arch defines the entrance of the trail and at the same time hinting the theme.  The viewing platform modules are connected horizontally, creating a bench for those who want to wait for their friends before starting the journey.

Visitor Signage/ Hiking Facilities

The directional signs/ information boards are supported by a stone sculptures, which the shape resembles the 5 stages of the volcano growth cycle.

Having considered the ease of taking selfies, a photo stand is provided on the information board.  Together with the metallic directional signage (pointing to East Dam) on the ground, the photos developed are extraordinary.

The Lava Trace combines geometry and nature, giving the hiking trail a regenerative and delightful setting overlooking to Po Pin Chau.