The Hexadventure Experience

Team Leader:
Law Chin Keung

Team Member:
Law Wai Yue


“Nature favours those organisms which leave the environment in better shape for their progeny to survive” – James Lovelock. The rocks and fossils at the Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark near East Dam provide significant evidence for tracing Hong Kong’s geological history and environment. The area’s long coastlines and craggy islands form a picturesque natural landscape for us and our future generation to enjoy. Drawing inspiration from the hexagonal rock columns and form attractive public spaces to preserve the wilderness of the site and arouse respect for nature.

There are three main elements of the proposal:

  1. Entrance Feature
  2. East Dam Photo Taking Platform
  3. Viewing Platform overlooking Po Pin Chau.

When necessary along the path, railings will be added where the slope is too steep. Every 50m, directional signage with distance marks will be placed. At every junction, a directional sign with names of places will be installed to provide precise orientation.


The geometry of the viewing platform is inspired by the coastal line of Po Pin Chau. The faceted glass balustrade reflects and uniquely refracts light while not obstructing visitors’ view towards the hexagonal columns. The floor finish is made up of tiles in three different materials:  

  1. Reclaimed Timber Tiles: Partnering with Park, a new recycling facility in Tuen Mun, where yard waste are turn into valuable resource
  2. Local Stone Tiles: Loose stones found around the site will be collected and crushed to make terrazzo tiles – the texture will merge with the site seamlessly
  3. Recycled Plastic Tiles: Plastic bottles collected by volunteers along the coast of Sai Kung will be recycled and processed into floor tiles (reference: Smile Plastics). The blue hue of the recycled plastic will match the colour of the sea and the sky.

The viewing platform has two levels, creating different vistas. Benches will be provided for visitors to rest and enjoy the stunning view. The construction method is simple and primarily prefabricated offsite. The steel beam and column structure will be anchored to the site with minimal disturbance to the site profile, with a modular prefabricated concrete slab on top. Maintenance will be straightforward.


The entrance feature is a portal welcoming our visitors to share this fantastic journey with us. There is an information board with the site map engraved. Also, we intent to heighten the public awareness to Leave No Trace” through the journey – we have designed a set of recycling bins to encourage our visitors to participate in the recycling programme.


The photo-taking point locates at the second half of the trail. A precast concrete slab will be placed on a flat surface. Large pieces of loose stone slabs collected around the area will be used as the floor finish material. Seeds will be sowed  between the gaps of the stones to promote vegetation, allowing the platform to blend in with the biosphere.