The Hexa Reflection

Team Leader:
Cheung Lai Yung Janet

Team Members:
Tong Man Kan
Tsang Cheuk Ho


The design of the new hiking trail features from East Dam to headland overlooking Po Pin Chau is based on the following objectives: merging hiking with a living museum is to bring education, imagination and appreciation of the natural history. From the entrance of the geotrail to the headland overviewing Po Pin Chau, the trail will be a walkthrough of the geological history. The features along the tour shall bring an immersive experience to visitors to understand the formation of the hexagonal columns and appreciate the conservation of the natural landscape.

The Viewing Platform

The view from the headland overlooking Po Pin Chau is certainly the highlight of the trail. The design intention of this viewing platform is to offer an enlarged surprise and sensation to visitors of this Geotrail. Approaching the viewing platform, visitor will see the back of an insignificant wooden curve of planks emerging from ground that made of undulation of wood planks and shingles. It becomes a natural art frame, which the sky and the roaring sea behind becoming the content of the art. The curved construction leads visitors to stand in awe in front of the picturesque coastline and directing people to the panoramic view of the Po Pin Chau.

The highlight of the design comes at people returning form the lower altitude of the trail. The structure of the view platform imitates the pipe organic like hexagonal rocks at Po Pin Chau, with a twist of angles forming the main backing structure of pavilion. The Hex-rod shall reflect light in different angles that imitate the sun shining on the moving sea surface, Po Pin Chau below the cliff and the surrounding, creating a back-drop at the returning of the journey.

The flooring were made from locally harvested organic materials, including the various types of igneous volcanic rocks in the Sai King Volcanic areas, seashells and pebbles from the coastline. To response to the rich variety of rock texture and chemical composition of material in the region, each piece could be carefully polished and treated to form a palette of naturally earth tone that merge with the environment.

Along the Story – from Entrance of the Geotrail to Photo taking points

As education become one of the main purpose of this Geotrail, a set of characters were designed to explain the natural formation process of Po Pin Chau. From Mr. Volcano at the entrance, Miss Lava and Miss Ash and The Igneous Rock family along the trail, to Mr. Sea Cave near the Kim Chu Wan, and to Headland and Sea Stack brothers at the viewing platform, they narrate the story of the geological features in a lively and explorative way, providing an experience of walking into the long history of the earth. They are all marked by a metallic sculpture – the slightly reflective material that perfectly camouflaged at flickering of the weaving sea and natural environment – that mutated from design language of viewing platform of the characters of each checkpoint. Along the trail there shall be consistent distance mark and historical check point. The subtle structures are with wayfinding signage and the hexagonal illustration plates. The illustration plate at the entrance will be the first chapter of the geological story: the massive volcanic activities happened in 140 millions years ago which formed the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region.

All elements along the Geotrail brings together visitors a spectacular experience into understanding the relationship between human and nature. Serving more than being hiking checkpoints and photo taking spots, the experience-oriented living museum allows people to celebrate the joy of life, understand about the geology of the land, rethink about humankind in the vast history of the earth and promote conservation to the natural landscape.