Terra Venture

Team Leader:
Cheung Chi Ying

Team Members:
Chan Chi Yan
Ma Sin Cheung


“Looking toward the sea from East Dam, Fa Shan is cut into two parts; the one being separated is Po Pin Chau, which is a type of the sea abrasion landscapes – sea stack. Po Pin Chau was once part of Fa Shan, but years of wave impact and erosion separated it. The rock stacks on the shore of Po Pin Chau tower almost vertically over the sea.”

Inspired by the natural formation of Po Pin Chau sea stack, the project transforms the “Terra” in the status quo through a series of subtle architectural intervention as oppose to creating discrete striking structures. It intends to enhance hiker’s breathtaking experience and accentuate the spectacular view over East Dam of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, and the iconic Po Pin Chau characterized by the magnificent world class hexagonal volcanic columnar rock landscape.

Along the trail, five pieces of elements including the Entrance feature, three Photo-taking points and a Viewing deck overlooking Po Pin Chau are articulated to blend in seamlessly with the spectacular view, offering visitors an opportunity to experience the staggering vistas of the Sai Kung East Country Park from different perspectives.

Tactile trail map and geological information of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark are inscribed in the Hexagonal info-structure at the entrance of the trail. Staircase with balustrade made of corten sheet piles as visually conspicuous seam entice visitors uphill while enhancing safety. Over time, the corten will acquire natural vegetation and its colour will approximate that of the surrounding nature. 

At the three Photo-taking points overlooking East Dam and Kim Chu Wan, info-structures introduce scenic spots to the visitors with engraved graphics and information. By elevating the ground at leg level, visitors are encouraged to take photo with uninterrupted panorama views. Pebbles and rubbles collected from regional context forms the top soil of the platform, which partly floats above the ground. The constraints between the info-structure and the context is merged.

The trail ends at the headland with a viewing platform which is designed as a rest spot in the form of a hexagonal Amphitheater embracing the stunning setting of Po Pin Chau. It sits over the terrain in stepping forms, emphasizing the topographical changes while catering multiple amenities at different levels. Visitors are encouraged to sit, mingle, work-out, contemplate, explore their relationship with the Mother Nature and be enveloped by the immensity of the landscape.

Sheet pile recycled from construction waste are the major material of the Entrance feature and the Viewing platform. Acting as lateral supports for soil reformation, sheet pile utilize its tongue-and-groove profile to create dialogue with the iconic hexagonal volcanic columnar rock landscape of Po Pin Chau. Pebbles and rubbles from surrounding region are widely adopted as the flooring owning to the strong connection with its site context. Structures capped with gravels seemingly grow out of the terrain, blurring the boundary between the structure and the ground.