Symbiotic Artscape

Team Leader:
Tang Ho Yin

Team Member:
But Tin Shun Jonathan


The Gabion Sculpture Trail

Our design aims to encourage curiosity, reflection and appreciation towards our mother nature. The series of gabion installation will be materialized from an array of natural materials. We employ reclaimed timber from the country park, pebbles and granules collected from the area nearby, and together with prefabricated gabion cages to create signage, supporting facilities and Viewing Platform at the designated nodes along the hiking trail.

With a vision to supporting the green building ideology and advancing towards net carbon zero, we explore the environmental friendly technique: Gabion system. Initially the gabion wall was only widely used for soil retaining and stabilizing the slopes. It consists of a galvanized steel cage, filled with stones or small rocks, and each cage is attached to the other by a wire or steel handle and the gabion cages are stacked one by one creating a firm and solid wall. The gabion system does not require frequent maintenance nor concrete foundation which in turns minimize the impact to the existing ground condition. Together with other locally available resources, this shall be the future green solution for any new supporting facilities to be provided within the country parks.

In order to enrich the visitor’s experience meticulously, we redesign the existing wooden signage pillar and incorporating functions such as a photo stand which is also a framing device suggesting the best orientation for capturing the breath-taking sceneries, as well as a little tabletop for visitors to put their water bottle or little items. Considering these pillars will be erected at various remoted locations, we designed the pillar as several modular components: six pieces of wood planks with text or logo engraved off-site, and two light weight gabion cages made of galvanized steel and hexagonal wire mesh to be infilled by pebbles or granules collected nearby. The gap between the pebbles within the gabion cage allows air and water to pass through and it also allows plants to grow within, creating a little habitat to blend with its proximity and further enhance the green coverage.

The same construction principle applies to the design of our Viewing Platform overlooking Po Ping Chau. A series of gabion cages will be arranged in two rings to serve as the base of the platform. The centre of the ring together with the existing concrete cross plinth will be filled by soil, supporting the small concrete footings with post anchor to stabilize the circular wooden deck above, minimizing both environmental and visual disturbance to its beautiful natural setting at its prime location.

Furthermore, Gabion technique has a vast potential to develop into outdoor art installation. At Photo Taking Point for ‘East Dam 2’ and ‘Kim Chu Wan’, our team also design two site specific art installations which also function as benches as part of the supporting facilities. Customized gabion cages will be prefabricated off-site by modules and assembled on site.