Team Leader:
Wang Hiu Yung Glory

Team Members:
Jim Hon Lam
Suen Chak Yan Jason
Wong Wai Tung Augustine
Tse Long Yin Ronny

Po Pin Chau was formed 140 million years ago under huge volcanic eruption by weathering day by day, now turns into an art piece from nature. The whole hiking path from the East Dam to the edge of Fa Shan facing Po Pin Chau, is a journey for the spirit by admiring the power of nature.

The viewing platform’s delicate design emphasizes the embodied space experience while causing little disruption to nature in terms of shape and materials. Instead of having a single piece of view platform at a specific , it is designed in another way round, extending the point to the entire slope facing Po Pin Chau by applying numerous small platforms for individuals.

The platforms’ corten steel mesh finish is a sustainable material with minimal structure to avoid harming the surface, and allows plants to grow with maximum sunshine and water penetration. The characteristics of corten steel can represent the features of Po Pin Chau with effect from weathering causing transformation on their form and surface. The platforms will eventually merge with the nature, in terms of climbing plants and weathering.A long baptism of weathering process, Po Pin Chau now become a unique landform which is a gift and an art piece created by nature. These natural platforms is a place for individuals to muse and meditate with such an art piece in front of them. They are constructed at a comfortable distance to maintain their private zone while being able to sense other meditators in the same space.

The corten steel finish is applied for the overall design, while with higher weathering level in coastal side, the material surface will transform in a rapid way for the viewing platforms comparing to the entrance features. The difference between their transformation implies the physical and mental changes of the visitors through the journey, especially after musing at the platforms with the view of Po Pin Chau.