Metamorphosing Podium

Team Leader:
Law Fat Lai James

Team Members:
Chu King Fai
Pallav Panigrahi
Yeung Hiu Ying


Our design proposal for the intervention at East Dam hiking trail is one that both enhances and enriches the human experience of the trail and how people flow through the spaces, along with facilitating ease of construction from a contractor’s perspective. With this twofold design intent, we propose a deployable-structure module that transforms into a pavilion. The design philosophy revolves around the way those we, as humans, experience a mountainous landscape such as the one presented here. Our proposal forges juxtaposition between the natural context and our man made intervention, seeking not to mark a contrast between the two, but rather to unearth a connection and discourse between the two.

We achieve this in, as said before, two main methods; the first of which is from a Hiker’s perspective. The platforms are meant to enable seamless transition between a space of a memorable landmark, and a place of trail and exercise. In this way, we bring an illusion of the hike as an “event” through periodic platforms, as done by the 3 smaller modules which will be shown in our presentation, allowing for a story to it all. When one reaches the final viewing platform, it’s almost like a satisfying resolution to a gripping saga. The second method is through the contractor’s perspective: All 4 of our modules are meant to have ease of construction: they all start as vertical modules. After being transported either on foot for the smaller platforms, or by helicopter for the  large viewing platform, the modules start to unfurl, not dissimilar to the transformation of an umbrella, and through this unfurling each beam, balustrade, platform, roof, and LED element find their own unique places in this theatrical phase of the architecture.

With our twofold design intention, and the ways in which we make these intents not only feasible, but efficient and innovative, our design is one that we believe would enrich the experience and intensify the appeal for the existing East Dam hike in Sai Kung.