Team Leader:
Ieong In Leng

Team Members:
Ng Hou Ming
Chan Mei Yee Jean
Li Ze Fu Jeff
Co Sam Wendell Chen
Wong Jing Hymn Joseph
Yeung Lok Him


Attaining infinity

Constituting a representation of an infinite spiral, a decreasing escalation intertwining excitement and the thirst for adventure.

The platforms are a metaphor of infinity, where spiral-like stairs create a magical experience for the observer as they gradually descend upon elevations that each create unique perspectives of Po Pin Chau, thereby serving as a procedural celebration of this historical monument.

A New Concept (Viewing Platform) 

Our entryway concept, which is made out of recycled wooden materials to ensure cost-effectiveness and sustainability, features an abstracted hexagonal installation that provides the observer a taste of what to expect at the end of their adventure.

With harmony with the terrain being one of our first priorities, the viewing platform utilizes a non-intrusive aesthetic made out of timber and is divided into four different elevations connected by staircases, which directly integrates with the contours of the terrain, therefore minimizing the effort of construction as well as impact to the original landscape. The top viewing platform provides a space for hikers to settle and enjoy the surrounding scenery, while the one at the bottom enables them to marvel at nature’s majestic art of Po Pin Chau at the closest distance possible. Lastly, a signage board provides information in raising hiking ethics and morals, while also including messages of “ leave no trace” to raise environmental awareness.

(Hiking trails: Cylindrical Solil Concrete, and stairs)

Throughout the team excursion in the Hong Kong countryside there were numerous safety concerns regarding existing hiking trails filled with potential hazards such as protruded stones and slippery soil. Thus, we decided to implement cylindrical concrete on plain grounds to ensure

soil blockage and prevent soil disintegration. We have additionally implemented a staircase design that resonates the properties of the aforementioned trail concept. These stairs are mainly employed for steeper areas in the hiking trail. Not only does the material of the stair itself serve the purpose of water ventilation, the chamfered stair treads also play a huge role in providing a stronger grip for a hiker’s shoe bottom and therefore their overall safety and comfort. Along both types of trails are different kinds of flowers and shrub plantations, meticulously selected to avoid obstruction of the hiker’s view.

 Preferred Material

For the entryway installation, waste wood from Y Park is utilised to achieve sustainability and its innovative aesthetic and texture. The two types of hiking trails utilises soil cement, which is a mixture of pulverized pre-casted soil and small amounts of cement. With its versatility it could make use of other waste materials such as glass, plastic, etc to reduce the creation of original material. A similar material will be used to fabricate the stairs of the viewing platform, although the platform deck itself will be made out of silver-grey timber to create an aesthetic contrast with the earthly texture ofthe terrain.

With soil cement and timber as our primary materials, strongly upholds the ideas of environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness, therefore achieving our goal of raising awareness in that regard, and that waste can be utilized as material that presents countless opportunities.