Hexagonal String

Team Leader:
Yip Chau Kit

Team Member:
Cheung Man Kit


We are deeply impressed by the strong lines/pattern and the hexagonal rock column landscape of Po Pin Chau. And we try to re-express such importance features in our design.

For the entrance feature, we designed a tower in hexagon shape with height around 4m. It would become a beacon clearly mark the entrance of the trail. The bottom part of the tower would be seating platform. The tower consists of wooden frame and wire mesh as envelope.

For the photo taking points, we choose 2 locations for further design study, after careful consideration of the distance between each point along the whole route. One is the junction to Fa Shan and Po Pin Chau, which could be reached in around 30 minutes from the starting point of the route. This location is perfect for people to get some rest and located themself. There are also view toward high island reservoir, Fa Shan and Po Pin Chau. We designed 2 piece of undulating island-like platforms which could be simultaneously as chair and standing platform.

The second photo taking point is located facing Kim Chu Wan. Same concept is applied there, a raised platform suiting with the site profile is created to welcome people going up to the platform to enjoy the breathtaking view of Kim Chu Wan. Wood stripes is proposed to create the undulating surface of the platform. The strong lines/pattern of strips echo rock landscape of Po Pin Chau. The structural elements underneath the wood strip would be steel, considering its material strength and durability.

The design of viewing platform is challenging because of steep topography of the site. So we decided not to adopt traditional viewing platform design which usually is a big flat surface. Instead, the big surface would be broken down into several small stools with various level/height to suit with the topography well. The stools with various height/level naturally become staircases, pocket platforms with various size, and seating furniture for the visitor, inviting the visitor to enjoy breathtaking views toward Po Pin Chau in different way. The shape of stool is hexagon to echo with the hexagonal rock column landscape. Such geometry also allows better fitting in with the irregular existing site profile with greenery. The profile is carefully articulated to avoid building on very steep cliff and to minimize removal of existing greenery.
The design of stool is also good in term of fabrication and maintenance. Those stools are identical in shape, which could be massively prefabricated in factory easily. Transportation would be easy as well because of the small size of member/unit. It would be maintenance friendly as individual stool could be easily replaced. There are gaps between the hexagonal pieces to let the rain go.

A cover simultaneously acting as an upper viewing deck is created to the stools. Cover is important here, in the consideration of that there is not any cover/shading along the whole route to Po Pin Chau. The ending side of the upper deck is column free to not block the view to Po Pin Chau from the stepped stools.

The upper viewing deck is a simple and elegant structure like a bridge floating on air directly pointing to Po Pin Chau, it creates another distinctive experience different from the below stools. Allowing direct and unobstructed view to Po Pin Chau. There is also staircase connecting the below stools and upper deck, creating a loop circulation within the stepped stools and the upper deck. People could directly go up to the upper deck, then go down to the stepped stools, and finally walk back through the stools. The round circulation encourages people experience this viewing platform diversely.

We believe our design could blend with the beautiful landscape well and be able to enrich the whole experience of the trail.