Hexagonal Adventure

Team Leader:
Liu William

Team Members:
Pui Har Lavina Lau
George Lau
Nathan Liu

The design approach aims to create an innovative, aesthetically inspiring and context related design to experience the awe-inspiring Po Pin Chau rock formation and surroundings. The viewing platforms uses lightweight modular construction to create an organically composed architecture that intergrates and harmonizes with natural environment, echoes the geometry of the surrounding land formation; and has minimal impact to the site while being easy to build. 

Responding to the main site, we believe that the crest of the mountain is sacred and should be respected and not be built upon. Hence our proposed platform sits a little lower that the mountain crest and hugs the crest organically instead of sitting on top of it. The lower position of the platform also benefits from a better placement for maximising views of the magnificent rock formation. 

The platform is composed of triangular modules from 1.2m to 2.4m long that when composed together form various shapes from triangles, hexagons to irregular geometries that echo the organic compositions in nature. The platform modules are arranged to follow the topography on the slope in a natural manner and is overlaid with a wood/plastic composite floor for durability.  The platforms result in various height levels and step down to allow views from various heights and angles. People standing on the stepped platform benefit from uninterrupted sightlines to the rock formation below. 

The vertical barriers on the platform are designed as a series of vertical triangular metal balustrades to give transparency while ensuring safety. The vertical balustrades are attached to the side of the platform to give a vertical texture that echo the texture of the famous rock formation. The vertical balustrades are open at the top without a railing to give a feeling of openness and excitement when standing near the edge. The balustrades are dry-fix components following the modular construction approach. 

The construction of the platform is made of light-weight aluminium modular triangular rings of 1.2m to 2.4m sizes. The aluminium rings are bolted together to form a structurally ridged floor plate and avoids the need for wet construction. The size of the lightweight rings allows it to be transported to the site by helicopter to overcome the construction inaccessibility problem. Each triangular ring has small posts at each corner that reach down to touch the ground with a pad. Hence the platforms sit on the site with many small metal posts that spread structural loading evenly to minimise the disturbance to the land compared to traditional foundations.

The smaller photo taking platforms are design in the similar manner as the main viewing platform for consistency of experience.

The entrance to the trail is celebrated by a “Forrest of Columns” which the visitors pass through. The columns are designed with various geometric shapes and heights that echo the rock formations. The columns also provide information and distance markers to the trail. The columns sit on widen steps that create a welcoming landscape which integrates benches and a canopy for shelter and rest.