Team Leader:
Liu Stephanie

Team Members:
Kan Shiu Sun
Lam Tsz Tung


This proposal aims to enhance people’s hiking experience from East Dam to Po Pin Chau through subtle and naturalistic design interventions that harmonize with the environment and natural processes. Our key considerations in the proposal include preventing loss of vegetation and soil erosion during the construction, harmonizing with the environment, and utilizing local materials for construction. 

The viewing platform overlooking Po Pin Chau, and 2 other phototaking points along the trail, are strategically located and designed as resting areas for visitors, without departing from the natural surroundings. Together with the entrance feature and associated signage, we use a hexagonal design language throughout, which pays homage to the geological and ecological environment near East Dam. 

Issues of soil erosion, which may be aggravated by construction works, are identified and addressed through proposing construction typologies to minimize clearance of vegetation during construction and encourage vegetation regeneration over time. Local stone materials and recycled wood are proposed as major construction materials with a focus on community participation in the process. As a response to public concerns on the loss of vegetation and environmental degradation during construction, we propose that the public community and green groups can be actively engaged in materials collection and restorative planting along the process.