Hexa-Hiking Trial and Lookouts

Team Leader:
Leung Cheuk Fo

Team Member:
Poon Chung Yan Gloria


The design of entrance and lookout points for Po Pin Chau hiking trail in order to create unique experience for the visitors. By making a harmony between nature landscape and new features and creates a landmark for geotechnical appreciation, historic and hiking interest.

The three small installations at different levels and view to High Island Reservoir, East Dam and Kim Chu Wan. The hiking route link up the entrance point to those three viewing points which scattered along the shoreline. Reaching 78.9m, the two levels viewing platform take the Po Pin Chau as the setting axis, to overlooks the unique stone features – striking hexagonal columnar tuff. 

The start point of the hiking trail entrance provides an information kiosk comprises with different height hexa-shaped stone pillars to mimic the stone features at Po Pin Chau. The visitors are able to access the different observation platforms after climbing the steps and follow the trail. It continues with three small viewing platforms sitting at different levels. Their structure was deliberately kept small, lightweight and offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside while visitor can sit or perform at the camping base.

Constructed of light weight steel and glass balustrade, the main view deck is based on a metal structure that was clad in corrugated metal sheet and support it to the height of upper platform. It creates different view angles to appreciate the landscapes. Especially, the platform is cantilevered with the transparent floor, visitor can experience another angle for viewing. The observation tower sits atop a hill referred. The main lookout features a separate flight of stairs for visitors to ascend to upper deck and arrive to best viewpoint at +78.9mPD abutting to the existing aerial photo control point. It also features as the camping platform for visitor to spend enjoying the night scenery.