Hex. in Air

Team Leader:
Leong On U

Team Member:
Wong Wai Yin


“Hex. in Air” means bringing Po Pin Chau to the sky. The new hiking route with specially designed entrance, photo-taking platforms in between, and the main viewing platform “The Enchanted Hex” are going to bring hikers a new perspective to appreciate the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.


All platforms and the entrance have seating or photo-taking stands incorporated. To have minimum disturbance to the existing landscape and keep both production and maintenance cost low, the use of material in design has been carefully considered. Commonly found eco-friendly salt water resistant materials (recycled treated timber and 316 metal), simple geometry (rectangular) with minimum dimensions as well as pre-fabrication are suggested in this design. Simple yet exquisite design elements draw hiker’s attention on the scenery – emphasizing the importance of conservation and leave-no-trace.

The Viewing Platform

The Enchanted Hex is not only a viewing platform for hikers to admire Nature, taking a break or photo-taking, but also an educational spot to show the history of Po Pin Chau. While hikers are standing on the platform, they are surrounded by smooth polished metal panels which create an illusion of merging themselves into the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.

When the hikers turn back and return to the main entrance, they would experience a dramatic effect of the Po Pin Chau turning up-side-down, perceiving the Sublime of Nature by looking at the smooth polished concave stainless steel panel located 7m away from the platform. The tilted zig-zag timber band on the platform parapet guides the hikers to witness the changes of Po Pin Chau along the timeline of history, from the glass with silhouette at the left mapping the original appearance of Po Pin Chau in about 140 million years ago, to the magnifying glass at the right zooming into the ongoing impact of pounding waves splashing on the hexagonal rock (See presentation board page 1).

The shape of the viewing platform is inspired by the linear shape and uneven height of Po Pin Chau vertical surface. The design also incorporated the existing cross shaped concrete plinth as part of the design feature – the seating for hikers. The platform grid followed the grid and rectangular shape of the existing concrete plinth to create a better harmony as a whole. Timber flooring is placed in gradation from the existing landscape towards the viewing platform to engage with Nature.

The Photo-taking Platforms and Main entrance

The middle viewing platform and main entrance took the same language as the main viewing platform but in a miniature form, the alignment of the same language design created an invisible guide for hikers to identify the route to the main viewing platform, in which to reach the headline overlooking Po Pin Chau.