Hex Ground

Team Leader:
Ho Sin Ling

Team Member:
Tse Kwun Lok


Po Pin Chau is one of the most heroic and well-preserved geological sites amongst the UNESCO site at East Dam, the hiking trail to the headland overlooking Po Pin Chau extends subtly adjacent from the popular East Dam Route and remains a small natural trail along the cliff landscape.

HexGround is inspired by land art approach where minimal interference using materials in the context is articulated to raise people’s attention to observe the landscape and reflect on human relation with the nature. The key to this scheme is to remain subtle and supportive within the magnificent landscape.

The Ground

The main objective of HexGround is to be the new Ground that teaches our hikers about the real Ground. Utilizing Soil, defined plinth and platform and Raised Stainless Steel Mesh, the Hikers are invited to observe the steps and enjoys the unique scenery along this route safely.

The scheme intentionally keeps the intervention close to ground level with prefabricated steel angles anchored to ground, timber hex frame, and soil infill or timber surface material. This is a celebration to the wisdom in camp gears and also local hike path construction technique employed across many hiking paths in Hong Kong.

The Hex Attraction

Each Attraction Point is indicated by the ‘Hex Attraction’ which is our artistic representation of the formation story of the hexagonal columns via even contraction and cooling.

Leave No Trace

LNT comes in different forms of call to action to minimize our impact to the natural environment. As we see an increasing number of amateur hikers in Hong Kong due to Covid, HexGround focuses on educating our hikers that every steps we take leaves a trace on mother earth. The paving is minimal and defined to discourage trekking ‘new routes’ which would cause more vegetation lost to the landscape.

Special paver leading in and out of each Hex Attraction in raised stainless steel mesh targets to indicate the landscape possible without being ‘stepped on’.

Modules & Prefabrication

The construction method is inspired by camping furniture and tent structure. Minimal steel anchorage holding prefabricated timber planks creating the Hex framework with infill that is flexible to adapt, including local soil.