Gabion Hexagonal viewing platform

Team Leader:
Chan Sai Ho

Team Members:
Cheung Ka Ki
Chin Kuang Yi
Lam Ka Wing

The “Hexagonal Gabion Viewing Platform” use fallen volcanic rock as a key structural component, gathered from the cliff edge of Po Pin Chau and its surrounding seaside sites. The design process grew from looking back at the origins of these intriguing phenomena and learning from them. Not only was the design of the modular units directly inspired by the naturally occurring forms, but the materiality was taken from it as well.

The gabion walls lightweight steel structure allows the units to be prefabricated off-site and easily transported to the site. The fallen rocks are then collected and are placed into the steel structures during assembly This method of construction allows them to be removed without leaving any trace.

The gabion wall is not affected by natural elements and the spaces between the rocks can allow for drainage. It also can help nurture the growth of vegetation over time, allowing it to easily blend into the surrounding landscape.

The modular integrated design allows the units to be sustainably built and maintained. The PV panels along the sides of the parapet walls are a source of energy for each units night-time lighting.