Floating Vistas

Team Leader:
Shum Pak Wing Jeffrey

Team Member:
Fong Tsz Pang


Viewing Platform

Floating Vistas is a viewing platform constructed on the south cliff face between Kim Chu Wan and Po Pin Chau. It connects two points along the popular hiking trail that leads towards Po Pin Chau. Our design provides visitors with new vantage points and experiences of the coastal landscape without obstructing views at the peak of the hill or from the well-established cross landmark.

The flat portion of the platform is located 7-8 meters below the peak of the hill and allows visitors to not only view the iconic hexagonal features of Po Pin Chau from a distance but also appreciate these geological features up close.

The balustrade of the viewing platform is designed to provide safety for visitors to both stand and sit on the platform’s edge. It is constructed from a combination of Corten steel for the main structure and stainless steel as the secondary structure. These vertical members are spaced just wide enough for visitors to sit in between, and the double horizontal rails provide a barrier when standing and sitting.

Floating Vistas’ entrance form is angled to mimic the patterns of the cliff faces around Po Pin Chau and the slender stainless steel vertical members harmonizes with and reflects the colors of its surrounding natural environment.

Photo Taking Points

The proposed design is a simple platform created by modular hexagonal cement blocks. The purpose of this platform is to create a raised step for visitors to rest and sit on while enjoying the views from these vantage points. A simple signpost facing the direction of the features in the distance is provided for orientation but does not disrupt the enjoyment of the natural views.

Entrance Feature

The Entrance Feature is our representation of Po Pin Chau. It is comprised of a series of cement planters and hexagonal timber blocks at an incline of 10-15 degrees. The ‘front’ of the feature is a simple zigzag cement face representing Po Pin Chau’s unique hexagonal geological features. These The ‘back’ will be seen as a combination of plants and wood representing the vegetation on the top of the island.