Embedded in Nature

Team Leader:
Tang Chi Chun

Team Members:
Ho Siu Ting Etain
Li Hoi Tsin
Miharu Yamaguchi
Wai Ting Wu


This design project for the viewing platform on a headland overlooking Po Ping Chau and associated hiking facilities is titled as “Embedded in Nature”. It is named as this way because we would like to provide the facilities that can enrich visitor’s experience but in a subtle way and embedded in the nature with the help of design form and natural material.

The site facing to Po Ping Chau have a spectacular view so we would like to keep our design as simple as possible that will not block the view of the visitors. For providing a proper pathway to the visitors, we design a walking platform that following the level of the existing landscape as well as the directional grid facing to Po Ping Chau. Therefore, people can use it as a step for going down to appreciate the view of Po Ping Chau.

Gabion wall construction technique is adopted in this project. It is a comparable easy construction method that lightweight modular metal frames are transported to the site and stones or other natural material such as wood, reed and etc can be put inside the metal frame to create gabion wall on site. Gabion wall is widely used in landscaping that can used to stream slopes again erosion. In this project, it is used in the boundary of the platform to prevent the erosion as well as acting an alert line to visitors to prevent them getting too close to the cliff. It also acts as the structure base for the wood platform that adds up the weight for stability. In the other hand, different kind of stone and natural elements can be put inside the gabion that it becomes a showcase library of the local natural material. Additional educational information can be shown next to the gabion wall.

Recycled wood with standard width is used as platform flooring. By following the natural landscape, stepped down seating is created naturally facing the view. And additional seating is created by simply installing the recycled wood plate on the gabion wall. For making the project more integrated with the natural environment, opening is made in varied point so that the plant can grow up in the opening which can create a more natural feeling to visitors. Simple metal balustrade could be added on the gabion edge when necessary.

Finally, the entrance signage design adopts the similar form and technique as well. “HEX” in the main entrance and “>” for directional signage is designed for welcoming the visitors and guide the road. But in this case, stones are only filled up half of the metal frame to create the base of the gabion wall. The stone material echoed the surrounding material and the upper part is remain empty metal frame that make the whole design more light weight and give a harmony in the environment. Seating is provided as the entrance as waiting area.