Team Leader:
Leung Dik Man

Team Members:
Li Wing Ho
Ng Wui Chun


Po Pin Chau is a type of the sea abrasion landscapes – sea stack. Po Pin Chau was once part of Fa Shan originally. Correlating to time, it was abraded by wave impact over years and erosion separated it from Fa Shan. The rock stacks on the shore of Po Pin Chau create a magnificent world class hexagonal volcanic columnar rocks landscape.

The proposed design is not only creating a platform of Fa Shan viewing toward Po Pin Chau, but also tends to reconnect the relationship with Po Pin Chau. The design concept is spurred by the nature and relation of Fa Shan and Po Pin Chau. A connection is reborn and the platform acts as a starting point of extension between these two. The profile of platform is generated along with the natural contour line and causes minimum damage to the mountain. The platform split into two levels and layers pointing towards to Po Pin Chau and provided a double enjoyment for the visitors. Visitors are not just taking rest at the platform after a long journey, but also, they can double up their enjoyments from upper level to lower level at the edge of Fa Shan overviewing Po Pin Chau. It gives a new experience and enjoyment for the visitors overlooking and taking photos on the history of Po Pin Chau.

This geo trail contains several checkpoints for the visitors enjoying the nature correlated with the time evolution. Apart from highlighted checkpoint – Po Pin Chau, East Dam and Kim Chu Wan are also worth to experience and viewing along this geo trail. The proposed design for these checkpoints is to maintain a lower profile design. It is, however, redefining the viewing space and provides a proper deck design by inventing two materials of wood and corten steel which harmonize with the nature. The shape of these decks are formed in line with the terrain of the trail and pointing towards to the viewpoints pulling out from the edge. It forms a firm and humble deck for the viewpoint towards East Dam and Kim Chu Wan.

The entrance of hiking trail is the beginning of the connection with Fa Shan and Po Pin Chau. The design concept of viewing platform and checkpoint synchronize with the entrance feature design. It provides a sense of arrival in the starting point of hiking trail. The entrance feature acts as a sculpture, signage. It consists of various height and layers of corten steel plank raised from the Mother Nature. Columnar plank creates a dynamic vibe for the visitors to begin hiking. It also is symbolization of Po Pin Chau in a different way.

The series of design creates minimum damage to the natural terrain of the trail. Earthly materials are chosen for all design to achieve a hannony landscape to the trail.  Each checkpoint is connected by a consistent design and even reaches out to the untouchable landscape, Po Pin Chau. The outstanding hiking journey will be created for the world hikers.