Chan Sze Chung

Chan Sze Chung

The project manifests itself from trying to translate and convey ideas with relationships between the contextual site, project program, use of material and the tectonic of construction.

Gabion Wall

The hexagonal stone formation of the contextual site is where it presents the uniqueness of the red tinted stone which can be salvaged to extend its lifecycles; and transforming itself to become the key material use for the architecture. The stone or the local red tinted stone formed gabion wall carries the notion of which the architecture is part of the extension from the natural existing landscape.

The Check points

The whole adventure is structured in four different check points where each check points are differentiated and designed from their uniqueness of location, landscape experience and visual enjoyment. The architectural follies like structures in each check points not only suggesting their own functions and uses in
which they all carried the same architectural language to be part of the natural landscape.

1 Entrance –

The local red tinted stone gabion wall retaining structure not only provides it structural function for the existing slope but it becomes a monumental icon for the entrance of all the visitors. The entrance design provides a proper ground for visitors to gather and meeting up before they
will start for their adventure.

2 East Dam photo taking point –

The simple architectural folly suggests the direction of photo interest. It specific design form proposes a visual cone of interest with the structure built in specific eye height level where visitors can place their camera on the flat surface for photography.

3 Kim Chu Wan photos taking point-

The minimal pavilion structure offering a proper resting point for the adventurers and yet suggest major scenic visual direction for the Kim Chu Wan as well as the East Dam. Sitting benches are designed to alignment towards the visual interest and visitors can also rest up under shade from its overhead sun shade structure.

4 Headland Viewing Platform –

The Gabion Wall structure extended itself form the landscape to form the base of foundation for the viewing platform. The platform in ribbon shape of a bending loop are suggesting to generate a one way directional traffic for all the visitors in order to avoid jamming in the already limited space and circulation of the platform. The bending loop shapes are designed with the advantage of the alignments of the existing slope contour of the landscape and also aligned specifically towards and perpendicular to the headland Po Pin Chau for maximized observation angles for the visitors.


Gabion wall is a good form of retaining and base structure particularly on the slope conditions which would minimize site formation works and disturbances to the existing landscape. Light weight steel structure of Cor-ten weathering steel anchor on the solid gabion wall can offered a maintenance free structure even
under extreme weather condition. The steel grating platform panels would offer an all-weather non slip platform flooring surface for the visitors and it compliments with the gabion structure together for surface water drainage. The Cor-tan steel structures are designed in sections and modular system which they are all manufactured off site with the ease of assembly in order to minimize construction time and site coordination.