Team Leader:
Cheng Wing Yan

Team Members:
Ng Lok Sum
Ma Ho Yi Chloe
Cheung Siu Kwan Jeff
Kwok Wing Sang Vincent
Chan Ming Chung


“Breaker” is a journey of exploration, starts from the monument at the East Dam of High Island Reservoir towards the Po Pin Chau, culminates at the edge of the cliff with a scenic view of the unique hexagon landscape. Our idea is to create iconic but yet harmonic set of installations that place along the hiking trail, unfolding piece by piece for users to explore and interact, at the end, a long platform reveal on the horizon at the end of walk, gives a good view to appreciate the beauty formation of giant hexagonal volcanic columns.

The experience | Facilities | Human Activities

It is designed to open-up the route for engaging more travellers to explore the hiking trail. Unfolding of the hexagon, so as unfolding the experience, unfolding the senses, users are encouraged to interact with the various scaled installations, the fragmented pieces shall bring the visitors closer to nature, guiding them to reach a touch of vegetation, to feel the texture of rocks.

Module |Construction

 The construction is a prototype of hiking trail facilities. Corten steel panels connect each other that can form ‘single’, ‘few’ and’ large’ modules depending on the human activities and natural setting of the site. Thin elements are proposed in order to minimize affection to the environment both visually and physically. The small “furniture” like modules are easy to transport and build on site which are suitable to use at remote sites.


“Hexagonal columns of Po Pin Chau came from a number of violent volcanic eruptions in eastern Hong Kong about 140 million years ago.” Inspired by the formation and properties of the hexagonal columns, rustic corten steel is characterized by its naturally forming oxides over time imitating the formation of hexagonal columns. It is also an ageing graceful, high resistance to corrosion materials. The dark warm color blends in with the greenery and vegetation.