Bracing Crosses

Team Leader:
Tsang Aron Wai Chun

Team Members:
Ko Tsz Ching
Kam Hoi Ka Eryn
Yang Junho

Trilogy of Crosses
A recurring motif around East Dam is the cross – a universal symbol that plots important loci on maps. Thus, the proposal comprises 3 iterations of a cross placed at designated spots along the trail to accentuate the landscape experiences and engagement with nature for the hikers.

Entrance Gate
The gate is camouflaged along the rocks and dissolved as a framework when viewing in front but appears as a definitive mass in other perspectives due to the orientation of vertical plates.

Photo Taking Catwalk
The extensions of the crosses point towards East Dam and the dolosse. The cross slowly elevates one serving as a catwalk and a high point for photo taking.

Viewing Platform
The viewing platform is offset and extended from the existing concrete cross. It gradually dissolves towards the top. The vertical pieces in between layers are diagonally ordered to resemble and overlay the hexagonal columns across at Po Bin Chau by revealing the crisp vertical edges towards the hikers.

Harmony with the Landscape
The designs stand lightly and porous on the mountains. The structure is kept simple. Wood planks are ordered in a stepping manner with small, delicate pieces of vertical plank sandwiched in between. As time goes by, wild vegetation will gradually grow through the gaps between the steps. The crosses will ultimately become part of the natural landscape.