A Moment of a Movement

Team Leader:
Chan Hoi Wang

Team Members:
Cheng Pak Chiu
Zhang YuTong
Tong Chiu Man
Park Ji Eun


Nature always varies. Water is waving, sun is rising, and life is growing. People enjoy visiting different spots of nature to appreciate a particular moment of this massive but slow variation. Nowadays, people interact with the nature by capturing the moment through photos, and they translate and store these moments of nature in digital ways.

Our design capture diverse moments of the varying nature through natural elements on site. We designed a prolonged walkway on the top of the mountain to connect the hiking track with the viewing platform that overlooks Po Pin Chau and the sea. The platform can be accessed through original hiking trail or through the designed walkway attached to the cliff of Fashan.

We are inspired by the columnar jointing that is commonly found on site of Sai Kung Country Park, and the concept of little particles of pixel forming digital images. Nature of High Islands is formed with aggregation of each volcanic jointing, just as a picture is formed with aggregation of pixel. We utilized triangle as the element that forms our design and created diverse moments that people can interact with.

Mirrors are utilized to capture the variation of sun and sky throughout the day, allowing people to enjoy the nature and its reflection simultaneously. Triangular elements are also extruded from the decking level to create platform and seats for people to engage with and stepping to connect different levels on the mountain. The platform and part of the walkway are sitting on top of the mountain to directly contact with the columnar jointing, allowing the people to be able to enjoy the varying view of Po Pin Chau and the jointing texture of Fashan. Moreover, glass is utilized on the walkway and the platform to breakdown the boundary between human and nature and allow people to gradually blend into the nature while they are visiting on site. Photo-taking platforms are also designed with the same language, while they are extended out towards the sea to provide better viewing towards the East Dam and Kim Chu Wan.

The original hiking track and the cross landmark that represents High Island hike has been preserved on site, and our design has provided new trail for people to enjoy the nature in a different angle. Our design aims to provide people with distinct moments of experience to enjoy the variation of nature on site and to allow them to capture the moment with diverse elements through our design.