Winning Entries

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Commendation Entries

Reflective Terrace

Chau Lok Kan

Scenery Unseen

Team Leader:
Lau Hei Man

Team Members:
Chong Yuk Lun
Fok Chun Wing
Wu King Tim
Wong Hiu Yan

Other Entries

The Jury Panel appreciates the low-profile design approach that harmonizes the man-made elements and the natural environment while enhancing the visitor’s experience at the same time, and it is aptly illustrated in the better entries.

Some entries adopt a bold, “art-work” approach, in which artificial artistic forms contrast sharply and intervene with the natural surroundings.  If executed well, they may provide an interesting counterpoint. However, for the competition site where the spectacular natural views are the focus, harmonization would take precedence, and this approach is considered not meeting the objectives of the competition.

Moment of Pause

Sit Siu Pong, Lam Sai Chin

Columnar Joinery

Choi Ching Yu, Ho Kam Lun, Lam Yee Lap

Time Trail

Lee Weldon, Chang Leung Kong, Zhuang Zi Kai

A Journey Through Hexagonal Fragments

Ma Vickie Ka Ki, So Ho Lung


Tsang Wing Kay, Hung Chi Lok Ernest, Leung Cynthia Sin Tone, Chong Jessica Ho Ching