Reflective Terrace

Chau Lok Kan

A minimal stepped terrace made of stone and earth, with a rain pond serving as infinity pool, for meditation and sunrise watching.

We propose minimal interventions to the hiking route with stones and rammed earth. A stepped terrace facilitates better visual connection to the volcanic columnar rocks. The steps form a rain pond not more than 50mm thick as infinity pool with overflow gutter to drain off excessive water. The loosely hexagonal terrace allows photo-taking, meditation and watching sunrise.

Jury’s Citation

The adoption of a reflecting pool in the design is out of the expectation of the jury panel – visitors would not expect to see a reflective surface at the headland, which is interesting, and the reflecting pool would make it a good place for people to stay.  While keeping the topography of the existing trail, it provides flat terraces at the headland to accommodate more people to view Po Pin Chau together.

However, the reflecting pool may dry up at times, and the maintenance of which may be technically infeasible.  Due to the relative heights of the platforms, the pool would not be able to reflect Po Pin Chau as depicted in the drawings.  Also, the still water element does not exist at the site and hence does not integrate with the natural surroundings.