The Competition

  • The Competition invites interested full / professional Members of HKIA, HKIE, HKILA, HKIS to contribute design ideas for the construction of a new viewing platform on a headland overlooking Po Pin Chau and associated hiking facilities for implementation, reference, or adoption by the Government.
  • The Competition aims to help champion design excellence and cultivate design talents.

The Background

  • In order to enrich visitor’s experience,  the Government has planned to enhance the supporting facilities of some popular hiking trails within country parks. Amongst others, the enhancement works include improvement to existing hiking trail network, control of soil erosion at the trails, enhancement of vegetation coverage, additional lookout points and enrichment of information boards, etc.  The area around East Dam of High Island Reservoir at Sai Kung East Country Park was one of the areas selected for further enhancement.
  • Currently there are some indistinct and seasonally overgrown trails from MacLehose Trail Section 1 near East Dam to an adjacent headland overlooking Po Pin Chau.  With increased popularity of this route, human disturbance to the vegetation and soil erosion are observed around the headland.  In order to promote the sustainability of hiking activities in these natural areas, AFCD has planned to construct a well-defined trail, a new viewing platform on the headland overlooking Po Pin Chau (“Viewing Platform”) and associated hiking facilities along the hiking trail to the Viewing Platform, such as entrance features, signage, fences and benches etc..

The Objectives and Theme

  • This Competition is a single-stage design competition, aiming to collect innovative design ideas and concepts for the enhancement works, including construction of a new viewing platform on a headland overlooking Po Pin Chau, associated hiking facilities and features along the trail to the headland. The objectives of enhancement works are
    • to enrich visitor’s experience near East Dam of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark through appreciation of coastal landscape and geological feature, with the highlight of a close and stunning view of the iconic Po Pin Chau characterised by the magnificent world class hexagonal volcanic columnar rocks landscape;
    •  to provide a proper pathway, signage and a viewing platform to enhance the safety of visitors and contain human impacts to the headland; and
    • to champion outstanding design that integrate and harmonise with the natural environment in this unique location.
  • In view of the naturalness, wilderness and physical site constraints of the headland, the provision of new hiking facilities project is not targeting to increase the number of visitation substantially.  It is the Government’s intention to heighten the public awareness for the conservation of natural landscape and “Leave No Trace” through the Competition.   Therefore, it is anticipated that the design ideas and concepts should be modest, subtle, coherent with the natural setting of the area, as well as inspiring awe and arousing respect for nature.

The Organiser, The Co-Organiser,Supporting Organisations and Professional Advisor

The Organiser 主辦機構

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSARG

The Co-organiser 合辦機構

Architectural Services Department, HKSARG

Supporting Organisations 支持機構

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers

The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Professional Advisor 專業顧問

Architect Franklin Yu余烽立建築師